Wicked Mom kills 17-yr-old daughter because she got pregnant

A 37-year-old Turkish mother has been arrested for allegedly killing her 17-year-old daughter after learning that the teenager had been impregnated by an unknown man.

The Nidge Police say the woman who has been identified as Emine, flew into a rage after learning that her daughter, Meryem, had become pregnant and in the heat of the fury, shot the girl to death.

According to police investigation, Emine learned about her daughter’s pregnant status from a neighbour whom the girl had confided in and she got so mad that she killed her daughter.

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Immediately after learning about her daughter’s pregnancy, Emine went home to get her gun. She went outside and confronted her daughter before shooting her 5 times.

Passersby quickly came to the teen’s aid and took her to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead. The mother was arrested by the police, and she was charged with one count of murder.

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