Want To Stop P0rn And Masturb*tion? Get In Here Let’s Talk.

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Hi Guys,

I believe everyone knows what Pornography and masturbation are, at least anyone that has access to internet should know. Porn is rampant these days, you see them virtually everywhere, on billboards, social media platforms, downloading sites, TV adverts, TV series and Reality shows etc. Porn is primarily the main reason for masturbation.

Masturbation is the real issue here, it’s not exclusive to a particular gender, girls fap as much as guys, it has assorted nicks like wanking, fapping, jerking off, shooting and the rest. Which ever you Choose to call it, the main point of this thread is to stop it for good.

People who have tried stopping it but didn’t succeed, results to preaching the ‘health benefits of it’ which I once did in order to clear my conscience at one point in time… lol, they give lame excuses why fapping is good for you, they even have a crew which they are well proud of(the one here is Vaseline crew, I assume), funny indeed.

The truth is that Porn and Masturbation does much more harm than any delusional good to you, physically, emotionally or otherwise.

If you are among those that really want to stop, you probably must have typed this cliche on google search bar ‘how to stop masturbation’ I have done it severally, especially after I just finished ‘doing it’.

Various blogs would give you various reasons to stop, but the reoccurring points there are summarized below :

1) Porn/Masturbation drains your energy(physical and mental energy)

2) Porn/Masturbation can lead to erection dysfunction or premature climax.

3) Porn/Masturbation reduces your testosterone and your creativity too.

4) Porn/Masturbation drains your Resources, your precious time, money for subscription and the rest.

5) Porn/Masturbation kills you, believe it or not.

Let’s share our Challenges here, and for those who were able to overcome this addiction(s), you can share your success stories with us that are still battling in order to encourage us

Drop your comments below.

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