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‘The Vow’ Season 2 Episode 83 Recap – Aired: Friday 22 September 2017

Bharat is at the asylum.

Sindoora is crying and saying she wants to go home.
The doctor informs Bharat that Sindoora tried to harm herself.
Sindoora tries to strangle herself with the chains on her hands.
Bharat runs into her cell to stop her.
Sindoora asks who he is.
Bharat says he\’s her son.
Sindoora says she doesn\’t have any son.
She starts throwing a fit and Bharat leaves the cell.
The doctor tells him not to take what she is saying seriously.
He goes back into the cell and Sindoora tells him he has blood on him.
He shows her his hands and asks her to see if there is any blood.
She tells him that he murdered his own mother.
She starts laughing hysterically.
Bharat is overcome with guilt.
The doctor tells him again not to take what Sindoora says to heart.
Amar gets a call from the manager of the factory, asking for Bharat.
Amar tells him Bharat has been at the factory all morning.
The manager says he never showed up.
Amar is on his way to the factory.
He sees Bharat leaving a pharmacy.
He tells the driver to follow Bharat\’s car.
Bharat drives to the asylum.
Amar follows him inside.
One of the inmates holds Amar and asks if her husband is there.
She scratches him as he tries to pull away from her.
The nurses and doctors rush to his aid.
Amar continues running after Bharat but he soon loses him.
He hits his head on a lamp and turns around to see Sindoora.
He and Sindoora stare at one another.
Amar almost passes out from the shock.
Bharat comes to him and takes him away.
Amar asks Bharat why he hid Sindoora from him and how he even knew she was alive.
Bharat says he was leaving the office one day when he got a call from the asylum that Sindoora was alive.
Amar asks why he didn\’t tell him.
Bharat says Amar almost fainted upon seeing her and he can only imagine how the others would react.
Amar asks what Bharat plans to do with her.
Bharat says he wants to move her to a nursing home where they would take better care of her and he doesn\’t want to upset his father.
At the house, Karuna comes down with her suitcase.
She says she has to see Bharat before leaving.
Aniket tells her not to worry about Bharat as he is well taken care of and Bharat wouldn\’t go against his orders.
Divya tries to plead with him but Aniket says his decision is final.
He tells Karuna to leave.
Karuna takes her suitcase and leaves.
Sindoora is talking to the wall.
Bharat enters her cell and tells her that he wants to take her to a nursing home.
She tells him to get away from her.
She starts throwing a fit again, saying Bharat would kill her.
The doctor and some nurses rush in.
The doctor tells Bharat that it\’s not a good idea for him to want to take Sindoora away from there.
Bharat insists he wants to take her away.
The doctor gives orders for Sindoora to be sedated.
Amar walks in.
Sindoora has passed out so she is carried into Bharat\’s car.
Amar tells Bharat to be strong and tells him to come home after dropping her off.
On the ride to the nursing home, Bharat stops at a pharmacy.
He looks to make sure Sindoora is still sedated before he leaves the car.
Sindoora wakes up and runs out of the car.
Bharat returns to the car and doesn\’t see her.
He runs out asking people if they have seen her.
Sindoora picks a stick and starts chasing people on the street.
Bharat blames himself for leaving her alone.
Amar is back home.
Aniket explains why he had to send Karuna away.
A storm starts brewing and there is a heavy wind.
Divya clutches her stomach and tells Amar that she feels something very bad is about to happen.
Sindoora enters the garden of the house.
Uma tells Divya that it is normal to feel that way while pregnant.
Divya says she feels something is coming towards the house and it\’s something very bad.
She looks towards the front door.
The door bursts open.
Everyone stares in shock as Sindoora walks in looking like a mad ghost in her dirty white asylum uniform and her long grey hair hanging down untidily.
Divya cries out to Amar in fear.
Sindoora starts laughing.
Bharat returns home.
Sindoora grabs apples from the table and starts eating hungrily.
She tells them it\’s her house and everything is hers.
Bharat tells Aniket that he can explain everything.
Aniket asks if Bharat knew about it.
Bharat says he and Amar knew.
Aniket tells Sindoora to get out of her house.
Sindoora says she won\’t go.
She runs under the table.
Amar and Bharat bring her out and assure her that Aniket wouldn\’t do anything to her.
Aniket asks what they are doing.
Bharat explains that he only found out she was alive a few days ago.
He tells them everything.
Divya is crying.
Sindoora goes to her and stares at her belly.
She touches it and asks if Divya is going to have a baby.
Divya cries out to Amar.
Amar takes her upstairs.
Sindoora waves at them as they go, smiling and saying they are having a baby.
Bharat offers her a glass of water and she throws it at him.
In the bedroom, Divya gets hysterical as she tells Amar that Sindoora will kill them and harm their baby.
Amar tells her that Sindoora wouldn\’t be staying at the house.
He makes her lie down and sleep.
Amar is troubled and asking himself what he should do about Sindoora who is Bharat\’s mother.
Aniket and Uma tell Bharat that Sindoora cannot stay with them.
Uma says Sindoora is dangerous for the baby.
Amar comes downstairs and says he\’s also worried but they can\’t forget that they are still family and they need to take care or their own.
Bharat says he would take her to a nursing home.
Sindoora starts her tantrum again saying she doesn\’t want to go anywhere as it is her house.
She breaks down in tears, begging Bharat to let her stay in her house.
Bharat pulls her towards the door.
Amar stops Bharat and says Sindoora is not going to anywhere.
He tells them to look at her condition and he says he won\’t forget how she took care of him when he was in the same condition.
Aniket tells him not to make a decision based on emotions because she\’s the same dangerous person and she can change her colour at any time and start attacking them.
Amar begs him to forget about the past and look at Bharat who is burdened by the situation and has been hiding it from them.
He pleads with Aniket to just let her stay.
Aniket walks away.
Bharat is crying.

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