Villagers Rescue Abandoned Newborn Baby Crying From Inside a Dust Bin (Photos)

Villagers just rescued a newborn baby that was dumped by its mother in a dustbin after they heard it crying.

According to the Photos taken, the newborn baby who was found dumped in a dustbin and was rescued by villagers who heard her cries for help.

According to The Sun UK, the little girl, who was just 12 hours old, had been wrapped in blankets, stuffed inside a rucksack and left to die in a plastic barrel in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on Sunday.

Police were called and the baby was taken to hospital where she was given oxygen and urgent medical attention.

Well-wishers have now flooded the hospital with requests to adopt the youngster and give her a “dream life” after being abandoned by her own family.

Jiralak Jankrajai, from the Lanna Hospital in Chiang Mai, said:

“The baby girl is healthy and she is in a good condition. She will be transferred to an orphanage where the adoption process will begin.

“A lot of people have called and visited the hospital who would like to adopt her.
“She will grow up and have a good life. People want to give her a dream life. It is important that she is taken in by the right family.”

The infant will be taken to Vieng Ping orphanage, where she will be cared for alongside other youngsters. Suitable families are currently being assessed.

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