VIDEO: How Rob Kardashian Allegedly Offered $1million to stop Blac Chyna’s Lover Ferarri From Sleep!ng with Her

Blac chyna’s lover, Ferrari made this revelation known in a new interview where he talked on how Rob Kardashain tried to stop his sexual relationship with his ex, Blac Chyna.
In a chat on Chicago Morning Takeover, the rapper confessed that Rob offered him $1m tax free before he launched into his Instagram rant.
On how he and Chyna met, Ferrari revealed that Blac made the first move on him.
He said that the former str!pper hit him up via Instagram, writing ”You’re in La?”
The two progressed into a s*xual relationship which Rob tried to stop by offering Blac Chyna’s side pieces million dollars, tax free.

See video below:


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