Unbelievable!!!! Meet The Old Farmer That Has 12 Wives And Over 100 Children As He Enters Guinness Book Of Record!

Togbui Kofi, an 80-year-old Ghanaian farmer who married 12 wives and have given birth to over 100 children still wants more wives and children as he even proposed to one of his daughters, if not for the fact that the lady knew her father who has lost count of his children, he would have made her his 13th wife. Kofi entered GBR as the youngest man with 12 wives and 100 children.

Kofi who lives in Amakrom, the Eastern part of Ghana  was asked why he has so many children? And he replied that he is living by the words in Genesis 1:28 where God said unto man to “be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it…”

He added that if he sees a lady today, he will marry and impregnate her as he is not impotent even at that old age.
With all these, Mr. Kofi, his wives and children have been living happily as one united family as the secret to their unity according to one of his wives is ‘respect for one another’.

His first wife identified as Nayome Asilenu, said that she was not happy with her husband’s decision of marrying more wives as she complained about it but it all fell on deaf ears and she had to live with it.
He currently engages some of his wives and children in his farming work. Watch their video below.

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