Unbelievable!! 14-yr-old Girl Beaten To Death By Her 13-yr-old Friend…..The Reason Will Make You Out Loud

Faustina Korankye,13 has killed her friend,Maa Abena,14 after they got into a brutal fight over a boyfriend residing in their neighbourhood and she beat her to  death.The incident happened in Ghana and the family of Maa claimed
that the friends had once fought and Maa was stabbed by Faustina but she survived after she was rushed to the hospital.After she was discharged,she got into another fight with Faustina who gave her a heavy punch at the exact spot where Maa was stabbed and she (Maa) fell to the ground groaning in pain.Maa was rushed to the hospital but she gave up the ghost on arrival.Faustina has been arrested but Maa\’s family has not confirmed or deny that Faustina and Maa were fighting over a guy.

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