How to tell if a Lady is serious about you or just wants to play games

You may like a girl and you intend to date her but aren\’t sure if the feeling is mutual though you both talk a lot and maybe have a few things in common.
According to relationship coach Marie Dubuque, after a period of friendship and a girl you like tells you “let me think about it” after doing the right thing by asking her to be your boyfriend, then she\’s a player.
This girl isn\’t really interested in you, she may like you but has no intention of taking the kind of relationship you both have further. This is quite different from her playing hard to get when you don\’t know each other too well.
But when a friendship has been established and she\’s still hesitating to give you a \’yes\’ answer to your request then she clearly isn\’t interested in you.
Unhappy couple

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