Sweet Mother! Woman Shuns Crowd to Breastfeed Her Child During Her Wedding Ceremony (Photo)

A sweet and lovely mother who was wedding her man took time off on her wedding day to breastfeed her baby.
The bold mother spares time to breastfeed her little baby

A 22-year-old mother took a bold step by sharing a photo of her breastfeeding her baby during her own wedding. The story was shared on Instagram by Black Women Do Breastfeed account.

“I would like to share my photo on your page of me breastfeeding my son on my wedding day. This picture is very important to me because at the age of 22 so many people doubted me and said I would give up on breastfeeding and here I am 4 months later and still going strong.

“I enjoy nursing my son and I made sure when I chose my wedding dress I would be able to nurse throughout my entire night. And I was able to. So I just want to share with women that no matter who doubts you or who turns their noses up to breastfeeding that it can be done.

“No one should make them feel embarrassed about feeding their child in the most natural way,” Black Women Do Breastfeed wrote.

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