What We Do In My Shrine – Alhaji Arrested in Badoo Shrine In Ikorodu Opens Up

A suspected ritualist, one Alhaji Alaka Abayomi, who was arrested in connection with Badoo killings in Ikorodu he uses the shrine for healing different ailments.

According to US correspondent who spoke with him on the telephone, he claimed to have inherited the shrine from his forefathers, saying it was being used for healing purposes.

However, there was a mild controversy over his where about after his arrest. While the Police claimed he was still in their custody, Alhaji Alaka claimed he has been released as there was no evidence against him by the police.

Unraveling the misery, the Police later said he was released to help protect some evidence against him with the help of some investigators as there was intelligence report that some hoodlums planned to destroy some the evidence in an orchestrated protest,

Alhaji Alaka Abayomi speaking on phone was quoted by US saying, “I am at home now; you can come now. How did people arrive at the name Badoo? Nobody knows those who are perpetrating the attacks. I have been living in Ikorodu for over 30 years and everybody knows me. I am into oil and gas

I use the shrine for healing different ailments. I took the police there. They didn’t allow journalists to interview me and they didn’t take my statement. I will sue the police for blackmailing me. Let them bring out any exhibit found in the shrine or in my house. Why did they release me if indeed I have connection with Badoo? They said investigation would continue.”

However, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, said Abayomi was still in custody.

He said, “He is assisting the police with investigations. Through investigations, we discovered that hoodlums in the area wanted to start protests. And it is possible that the evidence that may be used against him and others may be destroyed at the shrine, his home or place of business.

“We have gone to secure all those things, with the suspect in our custody. We will get back to you on what we have done. The suspect is still in our custody, but was told to go and protect those shreds of evidence with investigators.”

Punch Newspaper said a resident of Agbowa, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of being attacked, said the shrine was used for ritual purpose.

He said, “The shrine has been there since 2005. It was a hunter that first discovered it and we brought it to the attention of the police. But the police didn’t take it seriously then. A lot of evil activities are perpetrated in the shrine. The police need to carry out thorough investigations.”

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