See How Star Actor Saidi Balogun And Actress Funke Etti Were Seen Fighting On The Street As Saidi Injures Funke


So actress Funke was battered by Saidi Balogun after a little argument ensured between them which led to a real brutal fight shared the disturbing photo via her IG page. As Saidi was stronger, he injured Funke during the fight. Read what she said and see the photo below.

LET Stop inhumane act 🙏🙏🙏. #enoughisenough#. #saynotodomesticvoilence join the #1n3African an initiative of her Royal Majesty @oonirisa @oloriwuraolaogunwusi @drjoeodumakin @official_mercyaigbe @arakengefunkeetti @felixkingfoundation @dayoamusa @tontolet @ibinabofiberesima @iyaboojofespris ,Stop Violence Against Women,,,, Everyone appre8 Saidi Balogun n Funke Etti 4 the triller @saidi_balogun @saidibalogun n @arakengefunkeetti GOD BLESS NIGERIA

It\’s just a promo photo o. The blood on her face is make up and this is not my handwriting.

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