S e x Addict 7 questions to ask yourself to know if you are afflicted

It might not be easy to spot a s ex addict, and it might even be more difficult to know if you are one. Se xual addiction does not come on suddenly. It is a series of bad sexual decisions and sexual habits inculcating into one big and dangerous problem.


If you are worried things are getting out of control in your se x life, ask yourself these questions.

1. Do you have a compulsion to cheat on your partner? Most people who cheat can tell you a clear reason why. It could be because they do not love their partners, they are not sexually attracted to them or they simply think they have the right to. If you cheat on your partner and find it hard to say no to sex from anyone, you might have big problems.
2. Do you have the habit of partaking in risky sexual behaviours? When you have unprotected sex with strangers, public sex where people can see you, sex while driving, or other sexual situations that will be considered abnormal, perversive or risky, then you should check yourself.
3. Are one-night-stands a regular part of your life? If, every single time you go out, you engage in casual sex with strangers, then you need to get help. If you find that, although you did not plan this before hand, but you end up having s ex with strangers whenever you get the chance, you should beware.
4. Do you regularly engage in coercive sex with your partner or others? Coercive sex with your partner or others is only a step from rape and it is just as wrong. If you are always pushing your partner or others for se x, pinning them down, invading their bodies and threatening them if they refuse, this is concerning.
5. Do you turn to prostitution: Soliciting for prostitution is not necessarily a red flag, but if you do this as often or as easily as going for a snack, then this is a big sign that you are getting out of control.
6. Do you get irritable, angry, anxious, or restless without se x? A huge sign of addiction is when the addict reacts negatively or even violently, if he does not satisfy his habit. Feeling angry, sick, bothered, anxious, etc when you go without sex is a sign you need serious help.
7. Do you often try to stop yourself from your se xual encounters and find yourself failing? You may, at one point, find a problem in your sexual preferences and habits. So, you try to curb it. Often, this happens after you contract an infection or get in trouble with your spouse or the law. You tell yourself it’s the last time, or that you’ll never do it again, but later on, the urge to have sex becomes greater than the guilt, and so you’re out on the prowl again. This is a rather significant indication of se xual addiction.

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