Pregnant Woman and Husband Who Are Heavily Infected With MonkeyPox Cries Out [Graphic Photos]

A pregnant Nigerian woman who\’s husband is heavily infected with the newly strike virus known as MonkeyPox cries out for help in Rivers state.
Her story below:
My husband is down with the monkeypox and we have spend the little we have on medication yet nothing even the health people are just posting us since they have done nothing to help. I think I might be infected already, because I didn’t know on time am even heavily pregnant and am the one taking care of him. I am even worried for the kids. I had just sent them to my mums place and she’s having rent issues too and I’m just here with no money, no help and fear for my whole famil. Life is hell. Help Please.
This health people/and others are just busy spreading the news that my husband and family is infect with monkeypox instead of helping.. people are just calling to find out that they heard it somewhere.. and it’s making everyone run away from us. Its so humiliating am in tears as I write to you.

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