Popular Gospel Singer, Lanre Teriba aka Atorise Confesses Says: “I Have Paid For My Mistakes”

Popular gospel singer, Lanre Teriba aka Atorise, confesses in recent interview says he has paid fo his past sins and is now more serious with his relationship with God.

Atorise who has been in load of scandals this past years as even many turned their back on his music as they felt he\’s living an immoral life despite being a gospel singer.
In the interview, speaking about his past mistakes, Atorise said: “We are all humans and there is no one that is above mistakes. He without sin should cast the first stone.
There were some acts I engaged in which I regret and feel sorry for.  But there is nothing I can do about it as I cannot go back in time to change the past. I have apologized to God and my loved ones and they have forgiven me.”

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