Please Help!! I Have A Spirit/Marine Wife & I Need Deliverance – A Worried Fellow

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Please can anyone connect me to a Priest/Pastor in fact anyone that can help me with Deliverance that is not fake. I am 29 yrs old Medical Doctor. I stay in Lagos and work in a hospital(name withheld). My story started yrs ago wen I was very small that is in pri. Sch. Then I used to have sex in my dreams but never discussed it with any1 bc I don’t know what to call it. But the sex in my dreams continued till date.

Again at a time I got worried but i bluffed it saying it was just a dream that it meant nothing. But now it seems it meant something after all.

During all those years till now I always have issues with relationships. Once I sleep or starts sleeping with any girlfriend of mine within 1wk the friendship ends especially if it is someone I planned dating.

But I observed something too then any girl that is just a friend but just sleeps with me in terms of mutual/friends with benefits without any luv or r/ship thing attached to the end used to last.

So when I noticed it I started keeping girls as just friends or mutual one. Luckily I got plenty for mutual friends but what baffled me most was that one that i used to sleep with in my 100l to 200l said one day “nawaoo why can’t I get pregnant for you upon we have been sleeping together for over a yr without condom and yet she never take in.

I became worried and decided to go for sperm analysis test. It came out fine but when another girl said the same thing again last 3yrs. I decided to find 3 runs girls that I paid to be having sex with me during their window periods to see if they will take in and willing to abort.

From the day I started sleeping with them none ever took in. They said Oga you have a problem, go and get help”. Note that we carried test on the 3 of them and it showed they are fertile and fit to get pregnant. But I never looked for an answer till date.

But then on Friday I went out with a friend that i planed dating but yet to sleep with her but that night it happened.

Hell broke loose yesterday when she called me yesterday and was so angry with me saying.. In her words “why did u not tell me you have a marine wife “?.. I was like what?..

She then continued saying that have I ever asked myself why can’t i get into a serious r/ships , my episodes of sex in my dreams and getting someone pregnant. Don’t you know the person you are sleeping with in your dreams?”.. I was shocked bc of how she knew?

I asked her who told her and how come she knew about this problem?.. When I knew that I have never discussed it with her or anyone. She now said she met with my spiritual wife and that I should forget getting r/ship, married or having kids without her permission.

I should seek for her (spiritual wife). Then as for her I should never talk to her about love and r/ship unless I want to just be having sex with her which she permitted her to give me. Besides she is an Ogbanje so I should not be surprised as she knew..

Now I seriously need a deliverance because it is now giving me worries..

I will appreciate any help please. Thank you

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