Photos: Young Nigerian Thief Receives The Beaten Of His Life After Been Caught In The Act

According to sources this Suspected thief was caught in the act and decisively dealt with after being nabbed trying to open windows and use a magnet attached to a stick to steal phones at Idi ape, Ibadan

See some reactions below;

ezemome Some of these comments…we will never progress if this is any true indication of how majority of Nigerians think.
0bienSo treating him the way army treats bokoharam is good abi?? Nigerians we need to stop all this judgement techniques that are barbaric in nature. even barbarians will be scared of us

lisakeji Serves him right. He is lucky he could still breath. Ole, alapamasise
beighdiva50🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣well deserved

iam_jennie1 Is he still breathing? That serves him right, he’s lucky that is not in Lagos, he must have roasted by now, all this thieves want to own everything, thiefy thiefy Oleburiuku….

jofunmie @lisakeji u want him dead???
n.a.n.c.yyyyGood!am in university of Ibadan n we have suffered a lot from these phone n laptop thieves. I personally have cried on their matter!!

queeng1I wish people in gvt who steal Nigerians money be punished like this…
motun_jane That’s their hobby here they steal tru d windows I’m a victim

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