BREAKING: Fear Grips Lagosians as Two Suspected Cases Of Monkey Pox is Recorded in the State

The Lagos State Government has revealed that two suspected cases of Monkey Pox have been recorded in the state.

The commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris disclosed this at a news conference on Monday, saying that the two suspected cases were currently being investigated in the state.

He said;

“Though no confirmed case has been recorded, there is need to sensitise members of the public and provide adequate information on measures for prevention and control of the disease in line with the policy of the State government.”

The new airborne viral disease which broke out from Bayelsa State has also be recorded in Akwa Ibom state.

Doctor Caught $exually Assaulting Female Patient (Watch Video)

A general practitioner was caught on video $exually abusing one of his female patients in the hospital and the video is already making international headlines.

In the outrageous video, the Indian doctor is seen fondling the woman’s B.reasts inappropriately while she keeps trying to remove his hands but he refuses to stop and returns his hand to her B.reasts.

It is obvious from the video that the woman was uncomfortable by all that was going on but she wasn’t sure how to react.

She later stands from the bed and the doctor pulls down her [email protected] and continues to touch her all over inappropriately.


Watch the video HERE

Tagbo’s Family Waiting at the Lagos Island Mortuary For The Autopsy Report (Watch Video)

Earlier today, a Fake Autopsy report credited to be that of Tagbo’s went viral earlier today, with the report stating that Tagbo died of excessive alcohol intake and hypothermia.

According to report, the Autopsy reported early today is fake, as it was copied from a US website

Now, Tagbo Umeke’s Family has sent in exclusive photos to Investigative Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, alongside some information and circumstances surrounding his death. The family has confirmed that the Autopsy was indeed fake, as they’re waiting for the real report at the Lagos Island Mortuary..

Kemi shared a video on her Instagram page and wrote;

“A FAKE AUTOPSY IS CIRCULATING the blogs in #Nigeria. Even credible ones at GoldmyneTV, Linda Ikeji and more posted the autopsy of #kennekajenkins an American teen. The viral edit even changed CBS Chicago to CBS Lagos with the #fakenews circulator having no idea that CBS is a TV network and not a mortuary or corona’s office. SMH.”

‘I’m not your lamb of God’ – Dele Momodu Slams Follower Who Called Him Out Over Buhari

Ovation Magazine Boss, Dele Momodu seems to be in ‘no chill’ mood, as he had an epic reply for a follower who called him out over a photo of Buhari and Aisha he shared, with caption “Someone just sent me this picture of our dear President MUHAMMADU BUHARI and our gorgeous First Lady AISHA BUHARI… Love is so beautiful…”

His follower wrote;

“Criticize the people in government now sir, that’s what we know you for, stop wining and dining with them, things are not getting better uncle dele, I know what you did during JEG, what makes PMB’s different? You seems have a lots of friends in the administration? I was really disappointed wen I see you celebrating the most corrupt gov’s wife in Nigeria, logo first lady, I have never seen a sitting gov and his wife commissioning and celebrating a borehole and transformer. Its indeed very sad. What happened to your pendulum uncle? Lots of us who are looking up to you as a role model are losing it very fast. I know you will reply me with big Big gr

But before you do, pls think about what I said…retain and Maintain that name ” freedom fighter” ….Ileya kan, Awe kan, keresi kan loku fun won o..pls remind them…”

And just as his follower predicted, he had a reply ready for him. Here’s Dele Momodu’s reply;

“@the_property_octopus Oga, pls stop talking out of ignorance. You’ve not read Pendulum in a long time. I speak truth always to people in power, friends or not. Where were you when a Buhari aide attacked me savagely on social media for telling them the reality outside the gilded cage of power. What is wrong in celebrating our first family? Must we criticise them only. They look beautiful in this picture and I’m happy to see Madam Aisha in such joyful mood. For your information I engage in constructive criticism and not rabid hatred. I attended President Jonathan’s daughter’s wedding. Finally, you also have hands to write and criticise government. Don’t wait for me. I’m not your lamb of God… Thank you.”

For Love! Jhene Aiko Gets Huge Tattoo of Big Sean’s Face on her Arm

Jhene Aiko has taken her love for Big Sean to the permanent side,  The singer decided to get a very detailed image of her boyfriend and rapper Big Sean tattooed above her elbow.

Last week Jhené Aiko’s divorce with producer Dot Da Genius was finalized. Sean and Aiko have been dating since last year, after she and Dot Da Genius separated.

With this new ink, Aiko’s definitely sending the message that her love and work relationship with Sean is not ending anytime soon. In fact, it might be permanent.

How Nnamdi Kanu took advantage of Buhari’s medical absence – Aisha Buhari

Wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha Buhari, on Monday said the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu took advantage of the president’s absence to carry out his activities.

Mrs Buhari while speaking at the presidential villa in Abuja said the absence of the president created a setback, that the IPOB leader leveraged on.

“As a result of the president spending several months outside Nigeria, a 40-year-old man who was still living in his father’s house created a state out of a state and that is a major set back for the country and the health sector did not benefit,” she said.

Earlier, Mrs Buhari had called for the probe of the management of Aso Rock clinic.

She recall how she recently fell ill and was advised to travel to London for treatment, but she refused.

Man Shot Dead In Kaduna, Corpse Dumped At Cemetery (Graphic Photos)

A man was murdered in cold blood and his corpse dumped at Darur Rahma, the cemetery belonging to Islamic Movement in Nigeria in the outskirts of Zaria, Kaduna state.

The man who appeared to have been shot pointblank by unknown gunmen – had his hands tied from behind. The killers went away leaving behind the corpse.

Witnesses including villagers and members of the Movement guarding the cemetery, who saw the horrific scene scampered for safety as the gunmen opened fire at the man in cold blood.

Pictures of the victim as well as the footprints of the gunmen have been taken, and a complaint has been lodged with the nearest police station.

Man Impregnates His Goat Lover, Says God Made A Mistake In Making Him A Human Being (Watch Video)

This handsome young man who is assumed to be from a remote village in Jamaica has opened up on his obsession with goats which has prompted him to regularly have s*x with one.

He reiterated that all his life, he has wanted to be a goat and live among the domestic animal. Towards the end of the video, the handsome man whose state of sanity remains unknown demonstrated making love to his goat lover.
It is not clear if this is a hoax or publicity stunt which has become the trend adopted by youths to draw media attention to themselves.
Watch video of him below;

Beyonce Rocks Braids And She Looks Exactly Like Her Daughter Blue Ivy (Photos)

Last Saturday, Tina Lawson posted this sweet throwback photo of her daughter, Beyonce looking like an exact copy of her own daughter Blue Ivy.

Photo shows a very young Beyonce sitting at her mum’s hair salon and Tina’s caption read @Mstinalawson:

Blue Ivy is Beyonce’s five-year-old firstborn child by her husband Jay-Z, with whom she welcomed twins Sir and Rumi months ago. The resemblance is uncanny!

WHAO!! 10 Nigerian Celebrities You Probably Don’t Know Are Siblings (Kiss Daniel’s Sibling Will Surprise You)

It’s a blessing for a family to have their children doing great and they will be very proud of their family cause they have celebrities in their midst.

There are some Nigerian celebrities we probably didn’t know they are siblings. That’s why Naijaloaded had decided to bring to you the 10 celebrities you probably don’t know are siblings.

See the celebrities below:-

1. Kiss Daniel (Musician) And Sophie (Cool FM OAP)

2. Don Jazzy (Music Producer) And D’Prince (Musician)

3. Dakore Egbuson (Actress) And Timini Egbuson (Actor)

4. M.I Abaga (Musician) And Jesse Jagz (Musician)

5. Mikel Obi (Footballer) And Edgar Obi (Musician)

6. D’banj (Musician) And K-Switch (Musician)

7. Sandra Okagbue (Model) And Chris Okagbue (Actor)

8. Padita Agu (Actress) And Amanna Agu (Comedian)

9. P-square (Musician) And Jude Okoye (Manager)

10. Aremu Afolayan (Actor), Kunle Afolayan (Film Maker) And Gabriel Afolayan (Actor)

Man Proposes to Girlfriend While Receiving a Lap Dance at Super Play Pool Party in Ikeja (Video, Photos)

Awwww… meet the two love birds who had their proposals right in front of everyone at the Super Play Pool Party which holds every last Sunday of the month in Ikeja!!!!!

The proposal actually got people talking because the girlfriend was actually enjoying a lap dance from another lady before the guy went down on one knee to propose.

The Super Play Pool Party is recognised by many as Mainland’s Biggest Monthly Pool Party where the top celebrities get wet, play and party with fans.

So ladies, Lets get ready for October’s edition of Super Play Pool Party {SP3} and who knows your boyfriend may just be inspired to propose to you as well *winks*

How Davido Replies Follower Who Accused Him of Killing His Three Friends Will Shock You

Singer, Davido has replied a follower who claimed that he Killed three of his friends who allegedly died the same way.

Recall it all started when Caroline Danjuma accused the singer of Dumping her “boyfriend”, Tagbo who she claims died in his day, 3 days later, one of his bosom friend, his official DJ, DJ Olu died, and it was discovered DJ Olu died alongside one of his friend, Chime in his car.

Now, a follower has deemed it fit to accuse the singer of killing them, an accusation we think is just wicked and barbaric.

The Follower, @kellydgreat_ said: “Drama King Davido, you’re responsible for the death of three of your friends, Tagbo, Chime, DJ Olu who all died the same way within the period of 3 days. We really need serious investigation. Something is fishy about the mysterious death of 3 of your friends in less than a week. The rich always get away with murder cases in Nigeria, but this time, your Money can’t safe you. I am an insider who know the whole story. The world will know the truth”

…and the singer just responded with a “God bless you”!


This is coming after Davido headlined a show in South Africa, and gave a shoutout to his friends who recently died. Watch the video below:

Physically Challenged Old Man Set to Marry a Young Lady After Wedding Proposal (Photos)

Check out this story that is currently trending on social media that shows an old man in his 70’s getting engaged to a young woman in the south-east.

According to Facebook users, an alleged septuagenarian who is also a cripple just got engaged a lady and is set to marry her very soon.

The new couple can be seen sharing a kiss as they get ready for life together.

Read what a user wrote;



Read some reactions;

‘I Think Jesus Is Waiting For Africans To Receive Sense Before He Returns’ – OAP Daddy Freeze

Media personality and Head, Free the sheeple movement, Daddy Freeza believes Jesus is waiting for Africans to receive sense before he returns to earth.

Daddy Freeze stated this on his instagram page after he shared the photo of controversial South African pastor, Lethebo Rabalango, who killed one of his members after he put a large speaker on top of her body as part of a miracle in August 2016.


Pastor Rabalango is said to have invited the deceased to the podium and asked her to lie down. He ordered his ushers to carry a big speaker and put on her stomach saying the weight would not harm her.

The South African pastor reportedly climbed and sat on top of the speaker,  which was still on the girl’s stomach for close to five minutes. When he stood up and ordered that the speaker is removed, the girl could not rise.

According to reports, the girl died following internal injuries she sustained.

Reacting to the sad story,  OAP Freeze wrote: ‘I think Jesus is waiting for Africans to receive sense before he returns.’

Here are Some of The Reasons Nigerians Are Given Tribal Marks (Photos)

Ever seen someone with a tribal mark? The answer is most likely a “yes.” Although civilization has largely reduced the popularity of this cultural symbol, it’s still in practice. Tribal marks aren’t just for decorative purposes, they hold several meanings to people and are used for several purposes. Let’s take a look at some Nigerian tribal marks and what they are used for.

  1. Identity

By the nature of the tribal mark on someone, one can tell where they are from. These tribal marks come in different shapes and sizes based on the locality of the bearer. Tribal marks became very popular during the colonial era where people were being sold into slavery. These marks were given to enable recognition of family members who were taken away, in the event they gained freedom or found their way back home, many years after.

  1. Beauty

The place of tribal marks as a symbol of beauty is unknown to many people. This is due to the widespread disapproval that comes with it. Tribal marks are often considered a daint to beauty as they make people look different. However, in some cultures, specific tribal marks are engraved on the skin as a symbol of beauty. These marks are done on specific parts of the body, in specific shapes and sizes, to represent objects of beauty.

  1. Social class

Tribal marks are largely used to show the different social strata in a given society. In rural communities, members of a royal clan may be given a certain mark which informs people of their royal heritage wherever they go. The King and his family who hold the highest degree of royalty in a community may have special tribal marks that are exclusive to them. Such marks differentiate them from the rest and give them immunity against certain things. Before the advent of Christianity in Igbo land, people who were considered to be Osu (Outcast) were given certain tribal marks to differentaite them for the “free borns.” The mark was necessary to prevent free association with the outcasts as that was considered an abomination in the communities.

  1. Treatment for diseases

Tribal marks play a vital role in saving lives. In the event of certain illnesses that are considered to be strange, some people go the traditional route of treatment. These marks are engraved on the body of the sick one – and certain locally prepared concoctions are applied on them.

Tribal marks are also used to chase away evil spirits. In the event a dead person is disturbing someone alive by constantly appearing to them, certain marks are made on them as part of spiritual cleansing.

A medium of communication, tribal mark is used to pass different messages to people who share the same cultural beliefs and ideologies in Nigeria. Some of these beliefs may be alien to outsiders, hence, they don’t understand the need for such marks. The next time you see someone with tribal marks, rather than cast aspersions, ask them a question or two about it.

Phyno Celebrates His 31st Birthday Today, As He Shares #ThrowBack Photos (Drop Your Congratulatory Messages)

Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike (born 9 October 1986), better known by his stage name Phyno, is a Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer.

He started his musical career as a producer in 2003. He is renowned for rapping in the Igbo language. His debut studio album, No Guts No Glory, was released in 2014.

It produced the singles “Ghost Mode”, “Man of the Year”, “Parcel” and “O Set”. As a producer, he has worked with artists such as Timaya, Flavour, Ruggedman, Bracket, J. Martins and Mr Raw.

See more photos :


Guys Get In Here!!! 8 Body Spots Every Woman Wants To Be Touched (Photos)

This is a very interesting Compilation of top eight body spots every woman wants to be touched, Without wasting much time lets go straight to business.

1. Hair


Maintaining their gorgeous locks isn’t the only reason women go to their hairstylists so often.

The process of wash, cut, color, and styling can actually be quite a stress reliever.

Running your hands gently through her hair is a surefire way to send tingles down her spine.

2. Nape of her neck


Once you get to the nape of her neck, place a few light kisses there. In ancient Japan, the back of a woman’s neck was seen as very attractive by men since it was one of the few places not covered by clothing.

In modern times, the nape of the neck is often neglected in favor of more obvious pleasure centers, but never underestimate the power of gentle touches and kisses from her hairline to her shoulders.

3. Clavicle

4501800d5a430c29ef56b8474b48734a (1)

A well-defined clavicle, or collarbone, can be very sexy on a woman. Why not show your appreciation for its beauty with your touch and kiss?

Pay attention to this body part while she’s still fully clothed, unbuttoning her shirt just enough to reveal the clavicle and no further.

You can always come back to it once the clothes have disappeared as well to remind her of the anticipation it created when you started there.

4. Small of her back


The best way to guide your woman through a crowd is to place your hand against the small of her back.

This small gesture shows that you feel protective of her without being too pushy like an arm around the shoulder might be.

When you’re alone, kissing or licking down her spine to end up with a kiss on the small of her back will get her heart racing.

5. Behind her knees

black-couple-in-bed1 (1)

This area is one that most men don’t think of when trying to stimulate a woman, but it is, in fact, quite sensitive.

Gently caressing the back of the knee under her skirt while the two of you are in a public place will make her ready to get busy once you get home.

Don’t forget to pay some more attention to this special spot once you’re alone too.

6. Palms of her hands


People often use their hands as tools to please their partners, but rarely do they consider the pleasure potential of stimulating the hands themselves.

The palm of a woman’s hand is an innocuous spot to focus a little attention on without making people around you uncomfortable.

Tracing your finger along her palm will give her delightful shivers and make you appear sensitive and attentive.

7. Earlobes


Touching, kissing and even lightly biting the earlobes of your woman will up the bliss factor for her.

These delicate, soft lobes are very sensitive and most women thoroughly enjoy the sensation of having a man’s lips on them.

You can nibble around the outside of the rest of her ear as well, but for courtesy’s sake avoid jamming your tongue inside her ear.

8. Feet


Pulp Fiction taught us that rubbing the feet of another man’s wife may be an offense punishable by being thrown out a window, so the sensual appeal of a foot massage is obvious.

There are few better ways to help her relax than to give her feet a good rub, especially if her job requires her to be on them all day. Do it right and grab some massage oil or lotion.

Don’t forget to pay some attention to her toes, ankles and the sides of her feet too. Some women really enjoy having their toes s*cked, but others find it repulsive, so asking first is a good idea before putting them in your mouth.

BREAKING: Evans Tries to Escape Police Custody, Offers Police Guard $100,000 Then This Happened….


Kidnap kingpin Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, alias Evans, planned to escape from police custody before his arraignment in court.

But police detectives, especially those in the Intelligence Unit, aborted his plot, TheNation reports.

The Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) has formed a heavy security ring around the suspect.

After months of hide and seek, the police arrested ‘Evans’ on June 10 at No. 3, Fred Shoboyede, Magodo, Lagos. He is standing trial before an Ikeja High Court for alleged conspiracy and kidnapping alongside five others.

The other accused persons are Uche Amadi, Ogechi Uchechukwu, Okwuchukwu Nwachukwu, Chilaka Ifeanyi and Victor Aduba.

All the suspects were on August 29 remanded in Kirikiri Maximum Security Prisons.

Unknown to many Nigerians, the kidnapping kingpin had allegedly tried to escape from his cell in Abuja after he was transferred from Lagos.

A source spoke of Evans’ plan to give between $50,000  and $100,000 to one of the guards manning his cell to facilitate his escape.

The source said Evans was allegedly coordinating his escape bid with some members of his gang by telephone which he obtained through “suspicious” means.

It was learnt that intelligence officers and IGP’s Special Tactical Squad detected his plot.

The source said: “When Evans was in our custody, he tried to escape but we were able to abort all his plans. We discovered that he had access to phones which were hidden in the middle of loaves of bread, ebasemovita and so on.

“He was making calls from these smuggled phones in the middle of the night, making arrangements with some yet to be identified members of his gang to arrange for his escape.

“We intercepted how he was luring one of the guards with about  $50,000 to $100,000. He wanted an insider to serve as informant to him and members of his gang.”

Popular Yoruba Actor Odunlade Adekola gives reasons for going back to school

It seems that Nigerian male barbie Bobrisky may have gone bankrupt as a new footage of his house shows that he’s been moving out of it quietly.

Popular Yoruba actor Odunlade Adekola, in a chat with Premium Times, revealed why he decided to return to school to further his education.

Read an excerpt below:

PT: Is it true that you are presently an undergraduate at the University of Lagos?

Odunlade: Yes I am presently in 500 Level at the University of Lagos studying Business Administration. As a student, I loved business studies and anything that pertains to leadership. That is why I am studying Business Administration. I am also of the opinion that when you study Business Administration, you can fit into any profession. As we all know, if you have a lot of money and you do not know how to manage it, you would squander it in no time. If you are a doctor, heading a hospital, and you don’t know how to manage the hospital, the establishment can pack up. So, the knowledge of business administration is the key to the smooth running of any organisation. I already have a diploma from the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic.

PT: You are already a household name, why return to school?

Odunlade: I am a firm believer in knowledge acquisition so I always tell young actors, who want to enter our industry to get an education first. In fact, if you tell me you are interested in acting, I will ask you what you are doing presently. If you say you are currently in school, I will advise you to finish before you join the movie industry. Even if you are learning a trade, make sure you are certified before you join the movie industry. If you are seeking to gain admission into the university, ensure you complete your studies first before you come into the movie industry. If you fail to do so, once you become a famous actor, it will be difficult for you to go back to school. Education is very important in anything you do in life.

Nigerian Bride Wears Towel & Balloon With Her Friends For Her Bridal Shower(Photos)

Girls just want to have fun, don’t they?!

This bride and her friends had every bit of fun as they donned towels for her bridal shower.

Facebook user, Ezeonu Emmanuella Chidera, shared the lovely photos of her sister’s bridal shower on Facebook.

The girls only clad with wine coloured towels and shower caps posed by the bride who donned a white towel, distinguishing herself from the rest.

According to Ezeonu’s Facebook, her sister had her wedding yesterday. Happy married life to her!

Nigerian Mother Issues Eviction Notice to Her Daughter (Photos)

A Nigerian mother has given her daughter eviction notice and the reason is somewhat special. She does not even mind if the baby isn’t ready for that yet. See reason below…

A woman identified as Mrs Fisayo Esan evicted her daughter from her crib because she allegedly just welcomed a new baby who is now the crib’s new tenant.

From the photos the beautiful girl (Present tenant) does not seem to be happy with her mum’s new decision.

The eviction notice reads
You are hereby notified that you will need to vacate this crib by the end of September, 2017. As a new tenant will be moving in soon.
Maternal Division
Department of Parents

“I Sold My Lands And Jewelries To Open My Restaurant” – Actress Iyabo Ojo

Nollywood actress, business woman and latest restaurant owner in Lagos Iyabo Ojo has opened up on how she was able to get money to establish her new business, the ‘Abula spot’ on the island.

Rumours have been peddled since the lavish opening of the restaurant that the actress had spent nothing less than 200milion to achieve the splendour and ambience of her empire Fespris World.

Naturally, many have attached her success to an imaginary ‘sugar daddy’ who helped the actress achieve the big feat.

In reaction, the actress and mother of two has opened up that no sugar daddy funded her business, rather her desire and dream to own a restaurant pushed her to do the extra ordinary by selling some of her landed properties and her jewelries.

According to Iyabo Ojo, the Island was suffering for lack of a good ‘Buka’ and she had to quickly grab the business opportunity.

The Abula Spot was opened for business two weeks ago after the official launching.

“People now call me Iya alamala” she said adding that she does mind.

UNILAG Student Rusticated for twerking on the Statue of Former VC

UNILAG Student Videoed Twerking

A student of UNILAG who was recorded twerking on the statue of the former Vice Chancellor of the School, has allegedly been rusticated because of her actions.

The University of Lagos student went viral after she shared a video of herself twerking to the statue of former UNILAG VC, Professor Tunde Sofoluwe.

And now has allegedly been rusticated for four semesters.

You can watch the video here

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