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Nigerians Got Talent: Man Converts Motorcycle Into High Heel Shoe That Can Be Moved


Nigerians Got Talent: Man Converts Motorcycle Into High Heel Shoe That Can Be Moved

Meet Danladi Ibrahim, a 23-year-old Nigerian man based in Kaduna who converted a motorcycle into a high-heeled shoe that can be moved.

How creative is Danladi Ibrahim’s invention??

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According to Splufik Nigerians, Danladi was only seven years old when he started going to his father’s shop to watch how he repaired different bicycles. A decade later, having developed much interest, he decided to drop out of Rimi College, Kaduna to venture into welding after which he became a motorcycle mechanic.

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Ibrahim now uncouples and repair things formerly strange to him. One of his many inventions is a two-wheel motorcycle he reconstructed to a tricycle shaped like a lady’s shoe.

“I was mocked but I did not give up,” said the 23-year-old.

“I’m very happy to have proved myself worthy against the doubts of so many people who felt I was just wasting my time. They watched me as I made those unique items and I’m glad I’ve never been involved in any form of accident.

“I have been riding it for two years now and I did the test drive on a distance of about 25 km. Along the way, the police overtook me and asked me to park and I complied. I thought they wanted to arrest me, but to my astonishment, they brought out their phones and took a snapshot of me.”

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According to Danladi, no government agency like the NBTI, NDE or a technical institution like Kaduna Polytechnic or Technical College Malali has ever contacted him on how he can develop or teach youngsters in a joint partnership. He also urges parents to encourage their children to acquire skills, especially when they are still young.

Source – Instagram/SplufikNigerians



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