This Nigerian Woman Who Married A Picture Frame Two Years Ago Now Has A Son

The Nigerian lady who used a picture portrait to represent her groom on their wedding day in 2015, is now a mother. She shared some photos showing her attractive testimony in a whiteman’s land where fate has offered her a better deal in life.
Tola became a viral sensation after her wedding pictures hit the Internet, a few years ago in which she used a frame to get married in the absence of her husband who was abroad then.
Two years, later, she’s thanking God for her blessed marriage.
 In her words;
“2 Years And HE Still Remains The Same Yesterday, Today And Forever. I Married My Own Husband Because He’s Baba Overdo .Frame Or No Frame, Your Happiness Is What Should Be Paramount To You Irrespective Of How It Goes Down. .Destiny Must Take It’s Own Cause. If YOU DINE WITH THE PIGS, PEOPLE WILL REFER TO YOU AS ONE. Only God Deserves All The GLORY.”
Check out more photos:

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