Must See!! 4 Reasons Why Married Couples Should Watch Blue Films Together (Married Couples Only)

There are many keys to a successful marriage one one of them is a good intimate life. Married couples should feel comfortable discussing and doing things they want in bed.

One way of finding out what they want in bed is by watching blue films together. Blue films are more dramatic and exaggerated versions of real life situations but still, they can teach a couple of things to couples. According to intimacy therapist Tola Ajayi: “We need to encourage our husbands to talk about being intimate with us. There’s nothing sinful in it, as long as it’s you and your husband.”

Here are four reasons:

1. You get to know what your partner likes

When couples don’t talk about what they want or like, the other person will be doing ‘trial and error’ till they get it right. However if your spouse picks out a film based on their preference, you will have direct access to their fantasies and you will work towards that.

2. It will set the mood

Sometimes seeing what other people are doing, makes you want to do it too and with your spouse there, you can get started right away. It’s one way to spice up your usual rhythm into something magical.

3. It will discourage cheating.

When your spouse sees what you want in bed and works towards it, what more do you need? A common excuse for cheating is a lack of satisfaction but if your spouse completely satisfies you, there will be no need to look for it outside.

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