Man Has Huge Tumour Removed From Stomach 12 Years After Doctors Told Him He Was ‘Just FAT’…

A man with a huge nine-stone tumour in his stomach was confined to a chair for years – after doctors told him he was “just fat”.The massive growth began to swell 12 years ago and eventually weighed so much it reached the floor when Roger Logan sat down and left him unable to walk.

The 57-year-old, from Mississippi, USA, compared living with the benign tumour to having a carrying “three bags of cement around with you all day long, just swinging”.

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But he has found a new lease of life after finally having the growth removed.

Surgeon Vipul Dev, at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital in California, said the tumour had probably sprung from an ingrown hair that became infected and developed its own blood supply.

Roger said doctors initially told him “it’s just fat” – and by the time the tumour was diagnosed surgeons told him it was too risky to operate on. He was told he had a 50 per cent chance of survival if he went under the knife.

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Roger, who had only been forced to give up running his antiques store, looking after his family farm and going fishing, fell into depression and stopped eating food and drinking water.

He ended up in hospital being treated for liver failure and dehydration.

But his wife Kitty refused to give up and scoured the country for a specialist who could perform the operation.

She eventually found Dr Dev, who had carried out similar surgery previously, and started a fundraising page to cover the astronomical costs of her husband’s surgery.

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He then travelled 2,000 miles over 40 hours to California with his chair bolted to the floor of a cargo van.



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