How to make him cum faster when she goes down

blow-jobIf your aim is to have him orgasm while you have your mouth on him, but you will like to speed up the process, then these five tips will improve your [email protected]@b skills.

Sure, giving a [email protected]@b can be fun and it feels really great for him, but you cannot deny that it can get a bit more tedious the longer you stay with your mouth on him.


Turn him on

Before you head down there, spend ample time on foreplay to make sure he’s very horny. If he’s limp, you’ll have to take him from zero to 100, which is lot more work. Make out, stroke him with your hands, grind against his body- whatever it takes to get him hard and ready.

Maintain wetness

To ensure a smooth sensation, the more saliva, the better. Any roughness or bumps will slow down his progress. You want to emulate the soft wetness of intercourse. Guzzling a glass of water beforehand helps.

Use your hands

Wrap your index finger, middle finger, and thumb around his shaft, and glide up and down, in tandem with your lips. A hand-mouth combo allows you to cover more surface area.  Your hands also let you add a little flair to increase arousal. Swivel them around his shaft like you’re revving a motorcycle, or give him a squeeze.

If you need to come up for air, keeping your hand in motion maintains your groove while your mouth takes a break. Momentum is really important. If you stop for just one second, you could potentially lose the orgasm that was building.

Get excited

He will be more turned on if you’re into it. Push him down on the bed instead of waiting for the ask – simply initiating an oral session will send the message you want him. As long as it feels natural to you, moaning or dirty talk (“you feel so huge in my mouth”) will also convey enthusiasm.

Get ahead

The head of the pen.!s is a nerve ending hot zone, so giving it love will fast forward his orgasm. Underneath the tip is a narrow seam called the frenulum, which is where the nerves meet. Swirl your tongue around it, or move your tongue back and forth across it like a windshield wiper.


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