Like Clinton like Jonathan: 4 similarities between Nigeria and US elections

Donald trumps
Donald J Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. It has been a hard fought election between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump and many are surprised by the result.

Here are some similarities between the Nigerian elections in 2015 and the US elections in 2016:

1. The call

As Donald Trump increased his lead in the Presidential elections, Hilary Clinton placed a call, conceding and congratulating him.  This is quite similar to the move made by former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan, which many praised him for.

With presidential election results from all but one of Nigeria’s 36 states counted, and the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari, clearly in unassailable lead, Jonathan had telephoned Buhari to concede defeat.

Former president Jonathan made the call a little past 5pm on Monday, March 30 2015v after it became clear his party had lost the election.

2. Age

Another difference is the age of both the presidents of Nigeria and that of the the United States. Many of President Buhari’s opponents used his advanced age as a reason to campaign against him.

Surprisingly both Buhari and Donald Trump are in their 70s, President Buhari is 73 years old, while Donald Trump born on June 14, 1946 is 70 years old.

3. Surprise

About one week ago, the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency was considered a joke in many parts of the world, with caricatures, memes and other comic relief being drawn from it.

Today, many are still in shock that Hilary Clinton actually lost to Trump as shown by the reactions of people everywhere. The same surprise was present on the face of Nigerians in 2015, as many expected the incumbent to win with what is popularly called the ‘power of incumbency’ but instead Muhammadu Buhari won.

4. Terrorism

Another similarity is platform on which both President Buhari and President-elect both ran for office and the promises they made. The plague of Boko Haram was one which made former president Goodluck Jonathan weaker and when Buhari promised to crush them, he gained the support of a lot of people.

In the same vein, the ISIS terrorism plague is one thing Donald Trump has repeatedly promised to crush and this is likely one of the strong points that gave him the win he got at the polls.


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