My In-Laws Are Making Me Get Tired Of My Marriage – Wife Tells

Wife shares the experience she’s facing in her marriage life which her husband family is the real cause of it.

Read what she wrote below;

My father in law is late (RIP), he was a good man and he never stressed me. When things were really rough for my husband, I didn’t see any family member, in fact no one came to visit us except my father in law, my mother in law too is late.

My problem is my husband’s two Aunties, for 2 years now they have been making my life miserable, always saying bad things about me to people. Someone in my husband’s family told me that they are behaving like that because they think I am the one collecting my husband’s money but God knows. They are always demanding large sum of money from my husband & I don’t mind (it’s none of business, even though my husband complain to me most times).

There was a day one of my husband’s aunt told my husband to always tell them about anything he is doing. One thing I will never accept from any human being is someone disrespecting my mom, one of his aunt was talking anyhow to my mom few months ago (my mom is very old & she doesn’t make trouble). They also talk anyhow to me in public and in the presence of my staff that I will even start crying due to the embarrassment.

I have complained to my husband several times & he told me to do whatever I wish to do to them but It’s not in my nature to disrespect elderly people, they are really pushing me, if they continue behaving like this I might disrespect them.

I can remember how my husband’s family members tell me that women don’t stay long in their family before they go but which woman will stay long with the way they treat them.

I didn’t know from the beginning, I have been with my husband for 5years now, he is a very good person, in fact he told me himself that he wish he has no family member, he also told me that he can’t talk to them about the way they are behaving.

I will appreciate any good opinion, God bless you all.

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