KONJJ! Kenyan Woman [email protected]!ught [email protected]! bating In An Uber (Photos + V!de0)

Everyday, we keep reading news of abuse of Uber system of transportation.It\’s either an uber driver misbehaving or an uber passenger doing the wildest thing.According to a video shared by instagram user, Kufre Mayana, a woman said to be from Kenya was caught mas!turb!ating in an Uber.

She reportedly asked for the help of the driver in helping her get something, and before he could return, this woman got down to business because she couldn\’t hold herself any more.

In the video, the woman was seen initially giving an instruction to someone on the phone, but she began feeling uneasy even as the person seemed to have asked her if she was OK,and she answered “I am OK,continue”.

When the urge was too much,she dropped the phone.Below is what the instagram user posted

See The Main Video HERE 




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