Jungle justice: Cheating woman ‘fried’ with boiling oil for having s£x with married man

Hot-Oil-AdulteryA cheating woman was doused with hot cooking oil for sleeping with another womans husband.

A cheating woman in the Budiriro region of Zimbabwe, Marry Kamunda, is currently battling for her life in a hospital where she was rushed to after an angry wife, Zorodzai Nyabadza, literally ‘fried’ her with hot cooking oil after she was caught having s€x with Nyabadza’s husband on their matrimonial bed.

MyZimbabwe reports that on the night of the incident, Nyabadza had come back for a journey abruptly and unannounced. She used her keys to open the door and was about making to the bedroom when she heard sound and tiptoed to the window where she peeped in and saw her husband on top of another woman.

Nyabadza quietly made her way to the kitchen where she boiled some cooking oil and when it was scalding hot, she went back to the bedroom where she met the now exhausted Kamunda and emptied the oil on her, resulting in severe burns on her breasts, face and neck.

Nyabadza was thereafter, arrested and dragged to an Harare Magistrates’ Court where she pleaded guilty to assault. The presiding judge, Magistrate Elijah Makomo, promptly sentenced her to 12 months imprisonment with six months being suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour, while the remaining six months were allocated to 210 hours of community service.


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