Indian Girl Looking For Faithful Love Caring Partner

As much as I am responsible in everything I do, as much I appreciate a good sense of humor and people who are happy. I am even-tempered, calm person and value decency, honesty, respect and fairness. I am capable of giving the same in return to those, whom I love and care for. I am cheerful and sweet girl, who does not know how to be dissemble. I’m always like ,what I am really. Honest and sincerely lady, who wants to find a decent man. 

I could and will give him my good heart, which is full of love for life.I want to be near an interesting person with whom it would be something to talk about. In the hope that he would understand and support me in any situation. I would like it to be honest with me as well as I will be with him.I am good-natured person, I love helping people. That’s why I decided to become a nurse. But each has drawbacks and I am not ideal.I look for clever, honest, reliable, loving, with good sense of humour and the temperamental person who could surprise me and demanded to spend his time with me with pleasure. I need the person who would care of me, gentle and loving.I dream to meet a kind and responsible man, who is sure in himself, who knows how to take care about a family, a man, with whom I would like to share my happiness.


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