Where Have I Gone Wrong? S3x Once In 3 Months, Lasts 30 Secs Yet He Blames Me For Not Giving Him A Child

Can somebody tell me where I have gone wrong. We have been married for 3 years and have a lovely son.

We both want another child but my husband hardly touches me. He asked me to move to my room because the cry of the baby disturbs him at night. Now when I need sex badly i have to go to his room start initiate sex.

No pre-intimacy. Most times, he tells me he s tired. On the other times he would penetrate me and even before i become wet in 3o seconds, he has released. I really dont know how to handle this. I love my husband.

I’m sure he’s battling on how to solve his problem but he keeps blaming me infront of his family that i am the reason we don’t have a second child.

I have been tempted on one or 2 occasions to tell them about his bedroom problems, but i choose to save his ego.

Please help out!!

Comments are welcomed***

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