Hushpuppi allegedly EXPOSED, He Has Been Linked To A “Jane Woodscrane” (Screenshots)

Maylasian based Nigerian big boy, Hushpuppi, should get himself ready for internet trolling and criticizing after a new research from a curious forum user, CorpersCorner, allegedly exposed and linked him to a ‘Jane Woodscrane’
Take your time and read all, as researched by Corperscorner!
He wrote:
So for some time now, we’ve been getting disturbing by the noise of the glorious Gucci puppet called Hushpuppi.
First of, I’m doing this for the sake of those that would want to wallow in frustration ‘cos they feel this dude is getting money just by being a socialite (only God knows
what that truly means in today’s world).

When it comes to social engineering, you only need to slip up and make a tiny mistake just once before you have your biography being downloaded by the whole world. Apparently, Nigerian scammers are not learned enough to dust their trails. I keep telling those who care to listen, the true scammers and fraudsters have at least one Masters Degree in a duly accredited course of study from a renowned institution (not those ones that grew up knowing all the cyber cafes in the area).

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Hushpuppi slipped up when he posted a screenshot of his credit notification received via mail. He exposed a detail he probably thought wouldnt mean much (dude, seriously – I thought you were smart).
Well….before i continue…leme just share the screenshots alongside this post. Observe the email addy in the screenshot below:

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