Haa!!! You Won’t Believe The Reason Ex President Olusegun Obasanjo Slapped His Teacher In School

We all know that when you are in school, you dare not shout back at your teacher not to talk of raising your hand to fight him/her.
Nigeria\’s ex President, Olusegun Obasanjo slapped his teacher on his first day in school, and disclosed that the respect he had for his father was what made him did such after his teacher asked him the name of his father.

He revealed this while speaking on the topic, “God in my Life” at the Diocese of Lagos West, Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral in Lagos. Read his words below.

I do follow my father to farm but one day, he asked me what I wished to do and I told him I would prefer to be a mechanic. But he suggested education and I bought into it.

We both went to Abeokuta and visited five different schools of which they rejected me because the school season was already in the middle.

Later, I was taken to another school in the beginning of a new season. But, on my first day in school, they asked of my name and I gave them but when they asked of my father’s name, I found it irritating.

By my own training in the village, to mention your father’s name is an insult and for him to ask for my father’s name is an insult. So, I slapped him and I was punished for that.

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