For The Guys: How to have $£.x with a virgi.n

guy-smell-lady-couple-in-bed-600x400First time $£.x can be pretty awkward and uncomfortable, especially when you are experienced and she is not.

You are the one guy that gets to introduce her to $£.x and you want to make the encounter a memorable and pleasurable one so she does not freak out and run out the door.

Take control:

You’re the experience one here, and she’s going to need your firm, but gentle, guidance. In fact, shes going to expect it, so don’t be afraid to lead with confidence; women love men who take charge in the bedroom. Let her determine the pace, but never lose sight of who’s teaching whom. You’re the expert; it’s your job to gauge her level of arousal. You want her incredibly horny (and as wet as you can get her) before you go the whole nine yards. She’s going to remember this for the rest of her life.

Relax her

It’s natural for her to feel a bit jittery, but you can ease much of that anxiety with a few simple tricks. She’s likely to be feeling self-conscious, so start with a few confidence boosters. Tell her she’s se.xy and let her know she looks fantastic in your bed. Even if she already knows this, hearing you say it will do wonders. Spend extra time kissing, letting her know you’re focused is on her, and not just her body. Talk to her as you touch her body, find out what she likes and what she doesn’t. It may sound one-sided, but this should be all about her and what she’s offering you — as opposed to what you’re taking. Let her know this, and she’ll relax completely.

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