FOR GUYS – SEE All The Signs To Know Your Girlfriend Is A Lesbian (VERY IMPORTANT)

Questioning your girlfriends $*x uality, here are the signs to know your girlfriend is a lesb!an. It should be noted that many women are “curious” about having a same $*x experience and many women (especially in their late teens and twenties) experiment with their $*xuality. However, this does not necessarily mean that your girlfriend is a lesb!an.

Your girlfriend doesn’t like $*x. If your girlfriend is a lesbian, she probably won’t enjoy having $*x with you. Granted, there are many other reasons that people don’t enjoy sex, such as medical conditions and $*xual inexperience. But if your girlfriend just doesn’t like $*x with men, she is probably a lesb!an.

Your girlfriend has had very few relationships. If your girlfriend is 25 for example, and you are her first boyfriend, it could be that she is a lesb!an. Ask your girlfriend about her past relationships. If she has never had boyfriends it could mean that she is a lesb!an. Of course, it could mean various other things, but most adults have relationships in their late teens and early twenties.

Your girlfriend identifies with gay culture a little bit too well. It is great if your girlfriend is an activist for gay rights, but if she becomes too active, it could be a sign that your girlfriend is a lesbian. If your girlfriend’s favorite TV series is “the L Word” and she wears the American Apparel “legalize gay” shirts and she spends all of her time at LBTQ meetings…well you get the idea.

Your girlfriend has sleepovers. If your girlfriend has sleepovers with her girlfriends and she is not inhigh school, it could be a sign that she is a lesbian. Again, there are always exceptions. If your girlfriend’s best friend lives out of town or if your girlfriend got drunk and couldn’t drive home, these are logical reasons for having a sleepover.

She hates getting dressed up. Of course there are many women who are lesbians who love getting dressed up and who have a very “girly” style. It is less common for straight women to dress in a masculine way (i.e. never wearing make-up, always wearing baggy clothing) because typically they are trying to attract men.

Most of her friends are male. People who are gay often befriend people of the opposite $*x. In many cases people who are gay feel more comfortable with the opposite $*x, as they feel more comfortable with people they are not $*xually attracted to. If your girlfriend feels shy and uncomfortable around other women, it is possible that she is a lesb!an.

You can still support her if she is a Lesb!an. There is nothing wrong with her coming out to say her real personality…

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