FOR GUYS: SEE 5 Ways To Touch Her [email protected] [email protected] During S3x That Will B00w Her Mind Out

“Women love to be touched, and they respond more to touch than men, I guess that is why they are always constantly pushing men away from having any form of physical contact with them”.
We all know women take longer than men to reach clim!ax but as a man, you can give your woman a stronger or!gasm with your touch. “Learning how to touch or finger your woman’s va!gina can help
Here are few tricks to touch your woman’s va!g!na and make her want you more.
“Cup her vag!na, if you are trying to warm her up for an o!rgasm, get your hands on her outer labia. The outer labia may not be as sensitive as the rest of her lady parts, so when you are making out, just slip your hands down and cup her v!agina to set her in the mood”.
“Caress her l!abia, take some time before you move on to her cli!t and press her labia with your thumb and index finger, then
“Circle her cl!toris and before you race to stimulating her clitoris, just circle her clit!oris with a firm pressure, most women do this during masturbation, and the movement sets them crazy, you can even apply some lube while you circle her cl!toris”.
“Massage her c!ervix, remember your p3nis is not the only part of your body that can reach her cer!vix. You can just insert your finger into her vag!na and gently massage her c!ervix then apply a little more pressure if she responds with pleasure”.
“Stimulate her vag!nal opening, use two or three of your digits to go in and out her vag!na gently, you can also only move your fingers in a circular motion in the opening of her vag!na, most women love their vag!nal opening being stimulated as most of the nerve endings are present in that area of the vag!na”.

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