Guys Caught Stealing Hennessy At A Supermarket In Lagos (Photos)

This 2 Nigerian Guys Uche and Dominic have just received the beaten of their lives after they were caught red handed stealing 2 bottles of Hennessy last night, at Hubmart stores in Lagos

See some reactions below: @nnamdi_zikoIf :

at all, okay o, “I want to go and steal o”, it’s now HENNESSY? Of all things? Politicians stealing Nigeria’s money, how many heads do they have?

@i_killzz : There’s no excuse for this behavior from our security personnel. They stole, okay. Take the item back and call the police if may.. else, let them go. Nigeria has an anti jungle justice law so maybe they can sue the store.

I know the law doesn’t do it’s job properly but we should cringe at the violence always on display in these kind of videos.

Don’t forget that we’re not insulated as a Nation. Other countries watch these videos too. A tag of a nation of violent people does no one any good in Nigeria.

Please don’t tell me that the criminals would do worse if the tables were turned. This shameful acts of extrajudicial violence has to be broken. It’s a yardstick of civilisation in my opinion.

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