My girlfriend started crying during [email protected]:. What does that mean?

girl-crying-while-watching-a-movie-with-her-boyfriendWe’ve been together for like 3 months and it has been an intimate relationship. You know what I mean.

I must confess though. I hate having [email protected]:’ with condoms. Since we are exclusive, I talked to my girl about it after the first day we used a condom and she agreed we can skip them after her menstrual period – when she is safe. And since then, we have been enjoying ourselves bareback. It feels really good. I always ask her as well if I’m hurting her and if
she is okay while we have [email protected]:’. She always nods showing her approval.

But last night she started crying out of nowhere. I asked what was wrong, she didn’t answer me. I stopped and asked her again what was wrong or if i did something that hurt her and she said “Nothing, please keep going.”

So i tried to start again but she began crying again. I eventually stopped as it was confusing, wore a condom and finished it off.

I asked her afterwards what happened, and she says she doesn’t know why she started crying. It’s not our first time either we’ve done it plenty of times before.

Please I need to know what you people think cos I’ve been thinking about this all day.


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