Five Popular Marriage ‘Rules’ That are Totally ‘False’…NO 5 is Very Common

1. You should never sleep in separate beds

There is no hard and fast rule about married couples sleeping together every day, day in, day out. What if one is a lethal snorer? Does it mean that the other one suffers in silence and never gets enough sleep? All in the name of love? Yeah right! As Dr. Lombardo says, “it is a myth that couples always sleep better and more cozily together than apart. One partner may be a toss-and-turner, or one may hit the hay early while the other keeps a reading light burning till the wee hours.
“So if one of you occasionally decamps to the guest room, don’t sweat it. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to the health of your mind, body and marriage.” Don’t make it an excuse to avoid intimacy or s*x.

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