Country where women with largest [email protected] live revealed (Pics)

boobs-breastWhich country in the world boasts the women with the biggest [email protected]$ts? Well, this [email protected]$t map (probably one of the most necessary maps ever) has the answer!

Target Map with the world’s vital statistics shows that Russia, Finland, Norway and Sweden are among the leaders. The majority of women in those countries have the largest cup-size that measures at a D-cup or above.

What concerns Nigeria and other African countries — ladies here have an average cup size of A or B. The same figures are peculiar to Asia with the smallest chests prevailing in East Asia.

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Average [email protected]$t Cup Size in the world

In total, 92 countries have an average size of an A cup. Meanwhile, men in America, the UK and Central Europe can admire women with around a C-D bra cups on average.

While it’s unclear how the cup sizes were measured, it’s highly likely that the map findings based on tracking of bra purchases per country.

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