Commotion as Village Headman Commits Suicide in Middle of the Night… See What His Suicide Said (Photo)

A 68-year-old Village Headman Eneya II of Ntcheu district in Malawi has committed suicide.

According to Nyasa Times, the man killed himself after complaining of body pains.

The deceased real name Edwin Bello killed himself by hanging in the wee hours of Wednesday (January 18th, 2017). He was one of the village headmen in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Kwataine in the district.

Ntcheu police Public Relations Officer, Hastings Chigalu said the deceased left a suicide note complaining of body pains.

“The incident happened at around 1am today (Wednesday January 18th, 2017). It I said he left his wife and children in the house after reading his bible and went outside. It was at around3am after realizing that her husband was taking too long to come back inside, the wife started looking for him,” explained Chigalu.

“Later the deceased was found hanging under a tree just outside his house. He used a mosquito net to hang himself.”

Postmortem conducted at Ntcheu District Hospital revealed that death was due to suffocation.

A suicide note reads: “Ndatopa ndi ululu wa mthupi langa, ndine ofooka (I\’m tired, my whole body is in pain and I\’m weak)”.

Meanwhile police is advising people not to take their own life whenever they face problems but rather seek counseling from religious and other leaders within their communities

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