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“Buhari is Nigeria’s Messiah” – Singer Azadus


“Buhari is Nigeria’s Messiah” – Singer Azadus

Nigerian singer, Azadus, has praised President Buhari for stabilizing the economy even in the face of brutal terrorist attacks by the deadly Boko Haram sect and Biafra’s agitations to secede.

The singer who spoke to showtime in a new interview, said;

“We must continue to give it up for President Buhari because if the country had become a ‘free for all’ as the Boko Haram sect had intended it to be, who would have the guts to perform on stage, who will be able to go out to watch the concerts?”
Azadus also praised Nigerian artistes for creating songs that are ‘friendly to the ears and minds’, even with the dwindling economy.

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“It has affected every industry in the country but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. We must also give it up for the artistes, the economy is not friendly but musicians still create songs that are quite friendly to the ears and minds”, he submitted.

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