Bobrisky Speaks on his S*xuality, Teaches girls how to give a good Bl0w-J*b (Screenshots)

Bobrisky is on Snapchat today teaching girls how to keep their man.

For months, Bobrisky has introduced fans to his mystery bae. He doesn’t shy away from bragging about things he gets from bae, and how his bae can never let him go. For many months, folks wondered who the bae is and how Bobrosky is able to keep their relationship going.
Now, Bobrisky has finally revealed the secret behind their relationship: he has mastered the art of giving bl0w-j0bs.

Writing on his social media yesterday, Bobrisky said he was forced to give this important lecture following the various request from fans who don’t know how to please their men.
And then he went into the lesson proper.
“Two secrets to how to make your man cum fast. 1, don’t get your hand off his n*pples. 2, kiss him deep,” he began.

Adding, “Another definition of bl0wj0b is the act of suck!ng the hell out of your bae. If you can suck well, then you can make him cum first round before penetrati0n.”

It is as simple as this, according to Bobrisky.
And moving on to another subject, the socialite whose real name is Idris Okuneye talked about his s*xuality yet again. While he is yet to expressly confirm h0m0sexuality, he dangles the subject before his fans, while noting that he makes more money than trolls who expend energy on him.
“Gay or straight, the fact still remains that I hustle hard so I don’t suffer again,” he said, and in case you wonder what kind of hustle he means, he already confirmed that he is a top class pr0stitute.
See his snaps:


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