Billionaire Kidnapper: See How Evans’ Wife And Children Are Seriously Crying For His Release

Evans\’ wife in her interview with Vangaurd revealed that she has not been receiving any money from him because she didn\’t know that he has money not to talk of being aware that he was rich.
The highest money she got from his is 200,000 when they traveled to South Africa and when he brought a new wrist watch home, she asked him where he got the money to buy the watch from and he said it was for his friend. She added that Evans is a very humble man, he wears one slippers and sandal all the time and he doesn\’t go to parties. Furthermore, she added that since they have been living together, she never suspected any criminal act of him, as they don\’t even have visitors. The N20M she got was transfered through an Hausa man to Ghana for the funishing of the house where they stay. On the girlfriends aspect, she said she never knew he had girlfriends as it came as a shock to her also because he doesn\’t kepp late nights, smoke or drink because he has cancer. She don\’t go near his phones as they are locked or switched off and when she tried touching one of them, he threatened to beat her up

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