Billionaire Kidnapper: Brother In-Law Reveals His Sister, Mrs Uchenna Haven’t Visited Home Since She Got Married To Evans

Mrs. Uchenna\’s elder brother has finally spoken on the issue of Evans\’ arrest claiming that she hasn\’t visited home for once since after she married Evans since 2006, even when their dad died in 2014, she and her hubby didn\’t show face, the only person that showed up was Evans\’ dad…..
He also revealed that he didn\’t she even gave birth not to talk of having 5 children. He also added that when she went abroad, their elder brother claimed to have been communicating with her then. He said he doesn\’t have a TV set or browsing phone, that\’s why he didn\’t hear anything about Evans\’ arrest.

One of Uchenna\’s cousins who is also a reverend also added that they were not able to communicate with her as both her and Evans never cared about them. He only got to know about the arrest through the Internet

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