Big Boy Dips Hand into Girl’s [email protected] Publicly…Her Response Will Embarrass You (Photos+Video)

Social media users have been greeted with a rude shock following the reactions of a young girl who was publicly being ‘fingered’ at a party by her supposed boyfriend.

The man’s hand in the girl’s knickers

A young lady presumed to be a teenager was full of smiles and happiness as a seeming big boy fiddled with her private part in a show of superiority and high social class associated with youth exuberance.

According to the video, the young man suspended his hand in her [email protected] while she swayed to the music playing at the background. She cooperated with him despite being aware the act was being recorded as well as being keenly watched by other attendees of the party.

The identities of both parties remain unavailable but its clear they are not Nigerians. Some top commenters in the know have expressed indifference about the act as they believe worse acts take place in Nigerian nightclubs under the colourful lights.

Watch the video below:


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