How My Beautiful Co-worker Gave Me a Steamy, Wild S*x I Never Imagined

A man has shared details of how he shared a wild and steamy intimate moment with his beautiful co-worker and doesn\\’t want it to end.

A man has narrated how he successfully had a crazy and steamy s*x with his co-worker, but there is a problem now.

I had wild sex with a beautiful girl mate but we both feel guilty now and it has changed things between us. I have known her for four years. I am 24 now but I was a quiet, shy guy when I met her at work.

I clicked with her immediately and it did not take long for me to come out of my shell. She told me she was in a relationship so I did not build my hopes up. I started seeing another girl outside work but it was not the same.

Then she cheated on me and I finished with her. I confided in the girl at work and she told me that she was not happy in her relationship but that she did not know whether to finish with her boyfriend.

She is 23 and has been with him for six years. Both families keep asking when they are going to get married. We went for a drink after work one Friday evening about a month ago and she poured her heart out.

I told her I had been in love with her for ages but had done nothing about it because she was with her boyfriend.

We walked back to my flat and I invited her in.

We were all over each other as soon as the front door shut. We had the steamiest sex imaginable. It was as though we were making up for the four years we have known each other. She was very quiet the next morning and quickly got a taxi home.

I didn’t know what to think.

We have not talked about what happened but we are both filled with guilt and things are just not the same between us. We talk but not like old times and I do not want to lose the friendship we had. I have fallen for her and I know she is unhappy in her relationship but I do not know how she feels about me.

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