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How Bad Our Country Has Become! Fan Criticizes Laide Bakare For Celebrating Her US Citizenship

A real Nigerian has called out Laide Bakare for celebrating her citizenship in the United states saying she left the country when it needed people like her most.The post reads;

Where lies our pride of owning a green passport as a Nigerian? Now coming to you Laide,you claim to be a promoter of your Yoruba culture through the acting of indigenous Yoruba movies yet you travel out of the country so long you became a citizen of the country.Who else is ready to leave Nigeria to become a citizen of another country? I mean we are meant to build this country together and not leave it to ruin. SMH for you self acclaimed culture promoter running away from your culture.Justing saying my own piece cause am hurt.Anyways,Congratulations on your dual citizenship.A concerned Nigerian citizen

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