Awwn!!! That Sweet Moment When This Handsome Corper Helps His Mum Hawk Pap In His Uniform To Say Thank You

Every mother always pray her child take care of her when she become old and don’t have the strrength to work again.
This NYSC member identtified as Oladipupo shared these photos with a very heart warming letter to his mother who sold ogi (pap) to send him to school. Read his letter below.
Dear mum
No more this,
With everything you have faced in your life, and the strength you have developed, proves to me that when life is tough I can be tougher. I love you so much, even though am not born with a silver spoon, am here carving a golden spoon MUM, I OLADIPUPO promise you a golden spoon in life and am proud of who you are

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