The average manhood size revealed… and it’s smaller than you think

Size of peniPrevious surveys of Pen.!s size were not very accurate due to men who were prone to exaggerate the size of their Pen.!s. That is why scientists decided to collect data from doctors

15521 men all around the world were asked to measure their manhood’s length. Which helped scientists to measure average lengths and build a statistical distribution of different Pen.!s’s lengths. Turns out, an average length of flaccid manhood is 9,16 centimeters. Erect — 13,12 centimeters.

Scientists also have built a statistical distribution of Pen.!s’s sizes.

The results showed that a Pen.!s 16 centimeters long is very rare and only 5 of every 100 men have that length. And vice versa, a Pen.!s less than 10 centimeters is rare too.

According to the survey, the length of a Pen.!s does not depend on a body structure of a man (height, shoe size). Also, they didn’t find any connections between the race of a man and the length of his Pen.!s.


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