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Actress Foluke Daramola-Salako reacts to video of teenage girl apprehended with human head


Actress Foluke Daramola-Salako reacts to video of teenage girl apprehended with human head

Actress, Foluke Daramola-Salako has reacted to the viral video that made rounds on social media earlier today, which shows a teenage girl that was apprehended with human head.
She wrote:

“Just look at how young this girl is? I seriously cringe and weep for my country… is it that bad that human feeling is fast losing its relevance in my dear old Nigeria ???!!!
Just look at what we have become? And the reason is not far fetched, our core values as Africans,as proud Nigerians has gone to the gutters, we don’t care about integrity in labour, hard work , tolerance,humility,humanity or love anymore all we care about now is money ,materialism,nudity ,shallow gangsterism and least I forget HATE! It’s so sad that it hurts.

Yesterday I saw 3 beautiful girls that made Nigeria proud apart from the celebration on social media by now prominent Nigerians should have been hosting them and giving them gifts and even brand ambassadors to encourage the upcoming children but no !!!
If those girls had bought Lamborghini cars or any exotic car despite their ages the social media would have gone Gaga with so much praise and psychopancies around them!.
So everyone wants money by all means to belong to the “celebrated unQUESTIONABLE elite” such CONTRADICTION???Such a big pity if this girl and her other cohorts had succeeded she would have definitely been one one the ‘BIG GIRLS’ celebrated by everyone .
It’s just too SAD.??. The Unilag boy the made a 1st class in phylosophy was not even one of the people that made a billboard in the celebration of Lagos state.
And if I am an illiterate or a dropout and I make a success in either music or movies and I count millions and a graduate with a 1st class or even a 2.1 is struggling to survive pls my people where will I want to be???
Professionals are suffering, there is serious brain drain around us… and so much more to be said….. I ask sincerely WHICH WAY NIGERIA????!!!”.

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