How 8-year-old Anderson Peter mastered the Saxophone in just 11 months, emerging #GCGT7 1st runner-up

He wowed the audience with his performance

Anderson Peter can best be described as a child blessed with a talent far beyond his years.

The little boy was only seven years old when he first handled a saxophone that is almost as tall as his height.

Having a strong will power, Anderson’s performance at last night’s #GCGT7 grand finale left the audience in pleasant surprise.

Peter’s dexterity and mastery of the saxophone was nothing short of miraculous. Clearly, he demonstrated a good blend of talent and passion to create his exhilarating stage performance.

The little boy plays like a professional

The audience watched in awe as he performed with skills of a professional saxophonist, controlling the instrument as though he was born with it. How does he do it? This was the question on everyone’s lips.

Little Peter smiles at the camera

It was heartwarming to see Anderson Peter in the second position as Esther Benyeogo, an incredibly talented 19-year-old singer, emerged winner.

Esther Benyeogo emerged winner, while Nnengi Jaja took the third position

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