8 foods you might want to stop eating if you’re constantly farting at work

A mouthful

Are you the one everyone points at whenever there’s a nasty smell at work? Do you get embarrassed by your always bloated and uncomfortable stomach?

Have you ever thought that the food you’re eating could be responsible for it? Surprised? See below eight foods that can give you major gas and make you fart regularly.


1. Fruits

Fruits like apples, pears, plums and peaches contain a high amount of sorbitol, a type of natural sugar which the body finds hard to digest.


Many fruits also contain fibre, which produces gas, so that apple you eat every morning might be why you keep getting the dirty look every time you drop one at work.


2. Dairy foods

Yep, your favourite ice cream or cheese or that cup of milk you like to have for breakfast might also be responsible.


Dairy foods contain a lot of lactose, which when consumed in excess can produce a lot of gas. You should consider cutting down on your intake of either.


3. Beans

Well duh. Beans are a high source of fiber and protein, which take longer to digest, therefore causing the body to release gas occasionally.


4. Beer


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The yeast contained in beer can make for some pretty awful farts. So yeah, you do love your beers, but you probably should consider cutting short on your intake of it to save yourself the continuous ‘oh ohs’.


5. Chewing Gum

Bet you didn’t expect this one. That’s right, chewing gum makes you swallow far more air than you should which stores up in your stomach, eventually finding its way out the back door as it cannot remain in there for too long.


6. Nuts

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As much as nuts are healthy, bear in mind that they could also be the reason why you won’t stop letting out air. You might want to watch out for cashew nuts especially.


7. Oatmeal

Oatmeals – which you probably love having for breakfast with some milk – are very healthy, as they’re high in fiber, but you should know that you might be running to the restroom constantly to let out that uncomfortable gas in your stomach.


8. Sodas

Yes, your love for sodas and other carbonated foods might be another reason why you always mess up the air.


Consider swapping those for juice or water as the artificial sweeteners and fructose contained in sodas – which are not particularly healthy – are harder to digest, therefore will make you pass gas regularly.

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